Brand Identity: Be bold. Be unique. Be you.

As a personal brand, every product and service you are going to offer must have purpose. And to have purpose, it starts with knowing who you are as a brand. It’s the core of your brand that will connect with people. To get clear on what you really are, there’s some inside work that needs […]

Strategic Planning: Writing Your Brand Vision and Taking Action

For any brand to succeed in the long range, you need a plan. Success is not sporadic and it’s not unplanned. Success is strategic. So the vision must come out of your head and put on paper. When you do this, it shows that you care about the vision and that you’re dedicated to making […]

Organize Your Business & Life | Guest Feature: Tiffany Marshall

Getting your business organized provides clarity to ensure your business runs smoothly. If you don’t have an organized business, stress and other related factors can lead you to burn out. We had a conversation about this topics with systems & automation strategist Tiffany Marshall of The Systems Suite (formerly known as Clear Resource). Here are […]